Big Burn walk, Golspie

There are two parking areas for the Big Burn which is a beautiful forest walk with a dramatic finale through a gorge leading to the Big Burn waterfall. There is so much to see you will most likely be back two or three times or more. I love this walk and do it at least once every year. One of the car parks is on the single track road leading up to Dunrobin Glen but I favour the car park at the bottom of the hill leading south into Golspie. It's signposted and here's my car showing you where the parking spaces are. Be sure to study the map of the Big Burn area so you have an idea where you're going. There are paths all over the place, and you really wouldn't want to miss the walk through the gorge to the waterfall. Small children would require strict supervising or kept on a lead as there are many places where there are no fences and it's easy to fall into the river. I'm including photos taken at different times of the year to give you an idea of how beautiful it is at any time of the year.