A few German reviews of Lara's Day Out

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A few German reviews of Lara's Day Out

Post by George »

I love reading the German reviews of my work, they make me want to build more levels for them. Thanks you guys :arms:

Oh, the level did me good :) , finally played without any major problems. :thumbsup: A classic level, nice to play, nice tasks. No big trouble. Just right.

Unmistakably a Maciver! Very smooth and easy to play for everyone :thumbsup:

Well, typical GMac level. Once again done great. Not too difficult, but with interesting tasks.

It was fun again and this time it was the right length. Great atmosphere, nice tasks, etc.

I had a lot of fun. Maciver plays with only a few basic elements in a classic setting and yet conjures up a chic adventure and exploration level in the landscape. Suitable for everyone, including beginners and returnees.

I'm done too, nice job. But gradually George could choose other textures.

OK, I'm through. I really liked it, a level without stress.

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