From the car park marked on the map you can walk along the banks of the River Brora all the way to Bruachrobie and the Jurassic Rock faces. Here is the car park which has plenty of space for mobile homes.

This is the view from the car park down the River Brora to the Rock Pool.

Sand martins nest in the cliffs near the car park, and if you look closely at this photo you can see a chick inside the nest.

From the car park you walk down the track marked on the map and follow the banks of the river.

And this is the same view in winter. It's a beautiful walk at any time of year.

There is one easy gate to negotiatiate, and you can't miss it if you stay on the track. Yes, it can be a bit muddy at times if it has been raining, so decent boots would be recommended.

There are adders around if you know where to look. If you stay on the track it is very unlikely you will see one as they are shy creatures and live in holes in stony parts along the riverbank. If you're quiet and know what you're doing you can be rewarded with good sightings. This particular shot was taken with a long telephoto lens and the final image was cropped, so it wasn't as close as it looks. If you do see one, keep your distance as they will only strike if you get too close and they feel threatened.

This is the end of the walk for this particular stretch of river, and upstream you can see the Jurassic rock faces which have been carved out of the hill.